5 Best Biker Shorts For All Occasions

biker shorts

Biker shorts are incredibly versatile. They manage to provide all the creature comforts found in traditional briefs but are appropriate and stylish for use in public. Here’s everything you need to know.

What are biker shorts meant for?

biker shorts

Biker shorts are quite literally what they sound like. They are small, tight pants that offer superior maneuverability, airflow, and protection when riding your bike.

Every bike saddle is meant to work with a chamois (“shammy”), otherwise known as the padding sewn into the biker shorts.

This chamois melds with your unique bone structure and offers to cushion in the most sensitive of areas. Finally, it prevents friction that causes sores, chafing, and rashes.

You’ll find that biker shorts are a critical investment in cycling, and once you try them on a ride, you’ll never want to wear anything else while on the trail.

What do you wear with biker shorts?

princess diana biker shorts

While biker shorts have an intended use case, they can be worn for any occasion. You can easily wear them on a casual visit to the convenience store or equip them with a fancy work event outfit.

Moreover, they match a wide assortment of clothing setups, from hoodies to blazers and from heels to sneakers.

Biker shorts serve the entire spectrum of fashion. Although it’s quite simple to slip into a dress or cover with sweatpants, biker shorts will inevitably leave an impression. This is especially true if you want your body curvature to be more pronounced and visible.

What do you wear under biker shorts?

biker shorts underwear

The proper cycling clothing makes all the difference in a ride. However, because biker shorts offer the same protection and comfort as briefs, you’re not meant to wear anything under them. Yes, this means going commando.

How should my biker shorts fit?

biker shorts

When trying on any pair of liners or biker shorts, ensure they have a snug fit but still provide flexibility when moving around. The fabric should never rub against your skin while pedaling and provide breathing room for your legs.

The best biker shorts

Best for Biking – BALEAF Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts

BALEAF Women's High Waist Biker Shorts

If you want the ideal pair of shorts for actual biking purposes for a great deal, the set offered by BALEAF does the job well.

In addition to an abundance of colors, they offer multiple length options, including 5 and 8-inch inseams to match the style you desire.

For storage purposes, there are massive pockets on both sides to carry your smartphone and accessories. They are ideal for everyday use.

Material: Spandex (13%), Polyester (87%) | Sizes: XS – 3XL | Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy, Purple, White, Red, Coral, Blue, Gray, Teal, Purple, Olive

Best for Everyday Wear – Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Bike Shorts

Hanes Women's Stretch Jersey Bike Shorts

For a flattering, approachable look while out for a walk in the park or with friends at a social gathering, consider investing in the biker shorts by Hanes. They provide an elastic closure with ultra-soft fabric for a perfect fit.

Pair them easily with any of your favorite tunics or t-shirts. They come in two colors and include a 7-inch inseam. Finally, they can be air dried or machine washed with no issues.

Material: Cotton (90%), Polyester (10%) | Sizes: S – XXL | Colors: Black, Charcoal Heather

Best for Yoga – ODODOS Women’s Workout Shorts

ODODOS Women's Workout Shorts

These biker shorts are made for yoga and include a tight waistband design that keeps your abdomen held wide and firm, maintaining an elegant, comfortable fit. You’ll turn heads when attending public stretching sessions with these on.

The wide band provides perfect tummy control to meld to the curvature of your waist while bending and flexing. Inseams offered range from 4 to 9-inches.

It’s made with a moisture-wicking fabric that stretches up to 4 different ways, which allows for a full range of motion and is also comfortable on the skin.

Material: Polyamide (72%), Elastane (28%) | Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Black, Camo, Beige, Purple, Charcoal, Leopard, Violet, Light Blue, Ash, Lavender, Olive, Jade, White, Pink, Green,

Best for Men – SPONEED Men’s Cycling Shorts

SPONEED Men's Cycling Shorts

The greatest pair of Men’s biking shorts are offered by SPONEED, a brand that includes 3D silicon gel padding for added comfort.

This company has over seven years of experience developing and designing shorts with stretchy, premium fabric.

In the end, customers can enjoy a breathable, lightweight, and soft design for extended riding sessions.

These features combine to prevent moisture and perspiration from ruining your experience while on the trail.

Wear these indoors and outdoors for any level of cyclist. Wash them by hand or with a conventional washing machine.

Materials: Nylon (80%), Spandex (20%) | Sizes: S-3XL | Colors: Black & White, Blue, Gold, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Light Blue

Best for the Gym – SUUKSESS Seamless Workout Shorts

SUUKSESS Seamless Workout Shorts

The high waist biker shorts offered by SUUKSESS are made for all manners of sports and exercise. With a pull-on enclosure and a contour curve that goes around the hips, these shorts are designed to lift your butt.

A seamless knit made with soft nylon fabric promotes support and compression. Furthermore, it passes the squat test and is ideal for use in leg training.

Materials: Nylon (90%), Spandex (10%) | Sizes: XS-L | Colors: Black, Dark Green, Light Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Leopard, Tie Dye, Brown, Camo, Army, Teal, Pink, Magenta, Orange, Khaki, Red, Grey

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