The Right Umbrella Hat

umbrella hat

For those who desire a hands-free experience while out in the bright sun or murky, rainy weather, consider an investment in an umbrella hat.

What is an umbrella hat?

umbrella hat

These nifty, stylish devices are canopies with support from ribs that attach to headbands that protect against the sun or drizzle rain.

While it is certainly practical for your head to provide a canopy, it won’t shield most of your body from the water.

The canopy included in umbrella hats is usually collapsible, with the fabric and ribs closing around the shafts of the headband like a traditional umbrella. These hats come in various colors, sizes, and designs.

Of all the benefits, the greatest lies in the fact that umbrella hats can be folded and take up significantly less space, given the lack of a stick. When you don’t need to wear an umbrella hat, you can easily store it in a backpack or handbag.

History of Umbrella Hats

inventor of the umbrella hat
Robert Patten, inventor of the Umbrella Hat

The first patent registered for the umbrella hat was taken out in December of 1880. Robert W. Patten, an inventor, established the original design, which included a canopy with an attachable mosquito net.

Patten would go on to become an umbrella repairman, with many cartoons illustrating his work.

Over time, the foundation, quality of materials, and customization options for umbrella hats have considerably advanced.

Who invented the Brockabella?

Lou Brock and the ‘Brockabella’

One of the most famous aficionados of umbrella hats since Patten includes Lou Brock, an American baseball outfielder who promoted and sold his own version known as the “brockabella.”

This device was quite popular in the middle of the 20th century, particularly in St. Louis.

Are umbrella hats good?

umbrella hat
Umbrella Hats are novel yet practical products.

Umbrella hats are often observed as a novelty product but have enough practical use to be considered a meaningful purchase.

The two key functions of an umbrella hat are to provide shade from the sun and protect your head and shoulders from the rain.

You should take into consideration the following quality factors when deciding on which umbrella hat to buy:


The average umbrella hat comes in sizes ranging from 20 to 27 inches.

However, certain umbrella hats are as wide as standard umbrellas, with diameters up to 36 inches.

Larger umbrella hats provide sufficient protection against inclement weather. These models typically include straps to fasten below the chin.


There is no shortage of colors and patterns to select from when buying an umbrella hat.

Your umbrella hat style preference is your own. Perhaps try to match the color with your surrounding outfit?

How does an umbrella hat work?

Umbrella hats are extremely simple to use. You can click them open just as you would a traditional umbrella or use a top rope to pull them open.

Adjust the headband and straps for a snug, comfortable fit on your head, then put it on.

The pricing of umbrella hats depends on material and variation. Most of the time, a single umbrella hat will run you no more than $10. However, there are merchants who produce them in packs that can cost up to $25.

Pros and cons of umbrella hats

If you want to replace or substitute your raincoat/umbrella for a hat, consider the following pros and cons of investing in umbrella hats:


  • Portability
  • Ease of operation
  • Convenient size
  • Lightweight
  • Hands-free
  • Comfort
  • Unique and eccentric


  • Cheap, low durability
  • Lack of stability in the face of strong winds
  • The tightness of the band may ruin your hair

How to make an umbrella hat

If you desire a fun and exciting DIY project that you can put to actual use, follow the below steps to craft your very own umbrella hat.

  1. Take a small umbrella and slice off the handle, allowing up to 6 inches to remain
  2. Use sandpaper to smoothen the end of the handle
  3. Attach the end of the handle to the middle of the canopy of a cap
  4. Trace the handle’s outline on the cap, and cut a hole into the circle
  5. Push the handle of the umbrella through the cap hole
  6. Glue the handle, allowing around 1/4 inch below the cap to remain
  7. Secure the umbrella in place with tape

The best umbrella hats

Best Overall – MASSMALL Umbrella Hat

MASSMALL umbrella hat

For the best all-purpose umbrella hat, check out the model offered by MASSMALL. This incredible device is an impressive 27 inches in diameter to provide sufficient head and upper body coverage.

Furthermore, the brand provides the product in both solid and patterned colors to match any type of intended style.

Consider the standard deep blue if you want to be taken more seriously. Conversely, try purchasing the rainbow for a more comical appearance.

This umbrella hat is appropriate for every single occasion, be it fishing, camping, jogging, sailing, farming, photography, sunbathing, and more.

The elastic headband will easily adjust to your circumference without feeling too tight. It works for all ages, from toddlers to full-grown adults.

Materials: Plastic, Metal, Silver | Size: 27 inches | Colors: Blue, Camouflage, Rainbow, Purple, Rose

Best Small – BEDWINA Umbrella Hat

BEDWINA umbrella hat

If you’re planning to take a beach trip out with your significant other or plan to bring the whole family, including young children, the Bedwina Umbrella Hat set comes in multiple packs.

These hats are made of high-quality materials in a durable and foldable design. Using nylon fabric, the headband is carefully stitched together to ensure long-lasting use.

Materials: Nylon, Metal, Plastic | Size: 20 inches | Color: Rainbow

Best Large – BOCAMPTY Umbrella Hat

BOCAMPTY umbrella hat

To truly cover the entirety of your body from any form of rain, snow, sleet, hail, or strong UV light, equip yourself with this umbrella hat by BOCAMPTY. At an immense 37 inches in diameter, you’ll have total protection.

Not only does it collapse for dual use as a travel-size umbrella, but it also offers a silver coating cloth to prevent heat absorption. It fits most adult heads, stretching between 7 to 8 inches.

Use the top rope to open, and press the button the minute you want the umbrella to close as normal. Finally, a cord lock that is spring-stop activated with a lanyard allows a secure, tight fit even when it’s very windy.

Materials: Polyester, Metal | Size: 37 inches | Colors: Blue, Silver, Camouflage

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