A Survival Guide To Splatterball Guns

splatterball gun

If you want to have a fun outdoor competition with safe, recreational toys, look no further than the splatterball gun.

They’re a growing trend in the close-quarters combat (CQB) scene as a much friendlier alternative to other similar toy guns that pack heavier, more aggressive punches. Think of them as a middle tier, with higher stakes than Nerf but with a more reasonable pain threshold than what is required by Airsoft.

What does a splat gun shoot?

A splatterball gun is classified under the product category of gel blaster or hydro marker. They use harmless but impactful water beads composed of superabsorbent polymers as bullets. The bullets themselves are also used for floriculture and gardening purposes.

Water beads are biodegradable and will pile into tiny fragments upon impact and almost completely disappear after drying. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also don’t require cleaning.

Typically, a splatterball gun is used as a weapon in shooting skirmishes comparable to Airsoft and Paintball and follows an honor-based tag system.

As a competitive sport, often in the form of SpeedGel or MilSlim, it is heavily regulated while out on the field, requiring all players to adhere to strict safety regulations.

Do splatter ball guns hurt?

Because a splatterball gun uses what are essentially miniature-sized water balloons as bullets, they cause a significantly weaker impact than what is felt from Paintball or Airsoft guns. Therefore, they do not hurt nearly as much but still deliver a slight sting.

Of course, when firing at point blank range, the odds you will feel a slight degree of pain are inevitably higher.

In general, when firing in full-auto mode, popular models, like the SRB400, are capable of doling out up to 8 rounds per second at up to 200 FPS.

Due to the fact that water beads can vary in size from anywhere between 7 to 8 mm, this can affect the velocity.

How to use a splatterball gun

When you purchase a splatterball gun, you’ll often receive a box containing the weapon separated into multiple parts. This package includes an empty magazine, some kind of eye protector, and a hydration bottle for the ammo.

You’ll need to pack your beads inside the hydration bottle to absorb the water. This process usually takes up to 3 to 4 hours. Once fully hydrated, they are ready to insert into the weapon.

Simply dip the tip of the hydration bottle into the opening of your weapon’s magazine and fill it up to the containment line.

Slot the magazine into place, then insert the rechargeable battery. Turn the water blaster on and start firing.

How long do splatter ball guns last?

Every splatterball gun is powered by a rechargeable battery, whose run time on a single charge is often measured by how many shots are fired.

Some splatterball guns allow you to fire up to 1200 rounds of water gels, while the more premium models last for as many as 5000.

Semi-automatic splatterball guns fire in bursts rather than a constant stream when you pull the trigger and last significantly longer when playing CQB.

The best splatterball guns

When determining the right splatterball gun for you, you must consider the fire rate, the magazine’s capacity, and battery life. There are various splatterball guns to suit different scenarios and play positions. Invest accordingly.

Best for Offense – UnlocX Splatter Ball Gun Kit

unlocx splatter ball gun

If you want to thrive on the frontlines of battle in major splatterball gun matches, equip yourself with the UnlocX Splatter Ball Gun Kit.

The UnlocX is the definitive Uzi of water blasters, capable of fully-automatic shooting upwards of 11 bullets per second at up to 200 FPS. With such velocity, you’re guaranteed to have a far more accurate shot, even at longer distances.

For ammo, the UnlocX uses clips with a magazine capacity of 700 rounds of 7.5mm gel balls. Given that the magazine is nested conveniently at the bottom of the toy weapon, you will have a tactical advantage with the most angles possible.

It features T-channels and rails for future attachments, letting you assemble the toy gun in different modes with various accessories.

The portable battery operates at 7.4V and has a 1200mAh capacity. This guarantees you 5000 shots on a full charge.

Best All-Around – TPEBI Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster

tpebi splatter ball gun

For the ultimate all-around splatterball gun coming in multiple colors that can handle any scenario, get the TPEBI Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster.

This incredible device has a capacity of a whopping 60000 beads to provide you with virtually unlimited time for play sessions for up to 35 feet of accuracy. It includes a safety switch and protective goggles as an adequate precaution.

Best Pistol – AWiWA Electric Gel Blaster

awiwa splatter ball gun

For beginners and veterans who want to equip themselves with the most portable splatterball gun, try the Electric Gel Blaster by AWiWA.

This pistol offers a rechargeable battery with a cord for extended use and operates with semi-automatic fire for precise shots. It houses its magazine in a hydration bottle that is conveniently nested at the top for ease of use. It supports anywhere between 7 to 8 mm of water bullets.

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