7 Best Golf Ball Retrievers

golf ball retrievers

It’s always important to come to the golf course with a case full of balls, as losing them to shots that land in the water, woods, or muddy terrain is often inevitable. This article is designed to showcase the very best golf ball retrievers that will end up saving you money in the long run.

Having to run after your expensive golf balls on the course is part of the deal when playing. However, with the use of a golf ball retriever, you can not only find your own, but others lost by fellow players to expand your collection.

Not all golf ball retrievers are created with equal fashion. There are several variables you need to consider, including and especially length.

Still, the quality of the material is important when coming into contact with obstacles between you and the golf ball.

What does a golf ball retriever do?

golf ball retrievers

Golf ball retrievers are tools that help you get your ball back after shooting in areas and zones that are difficult or impossible to reach by hand.

Most golf ball retrievers work by giving you the ability to scoop the stray ball up from the ground or deep in the water. Others include springs in the center that allow you to cup the ball from above and grip it in place while transporting.

There are many professionals who collect lost golf balls for a living and make use of golf ball retrievers to do so. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, divers can earn as much as $200 per day for their efforts.

Once the balls have been recovered, divers place them in a recycling process where they clean, repackage, and resell them.

What is the best length for a golf ball retriever?

Ideally, your golf ball retriever should measure between 6 to 10 feet. In circumstances where extensive bodies of water surround your course, like bays or rivers, consider investing in a telescopic ball retriever. These devices stretch out as much as 24 feet.

With telescopic ball retrievers, you will have no issue reaching long distances to reacquire golf balls while being able to store and fold the device easily.

Certain ball retrievers have retractable handles that break down to 2 feet to fit inside a golf bag, typically in the back or side compartment.

Is a ball retriever considered a golf club?

The United States Golf Association does not recognize golf ball retrievers as clubs.

By official definition, a golf club is any object with a club head that has a flat surface for hitting and a shaft. Golf ball retrievers have shafts but no club heads.

Having a golf ball retriever in your golf bag does not count against your number of clubs.

The best golf ball retrievers

Best Overall – IGOTCHA

IGOTCHA golf ball retrievers

The IGOTCHA golf ball retriever has proven itself time and time again as the best product in the niche. At an affordable price, the device is easy to use and has a simple design. It caters to beginners and professionals alike.

This device extends as long as 10 feet and retracts to as little as 15.5 inches. Fit it into any part of your bag without any difficulty.

Furthermore, the head operates with a spring release, which lets you lock the ball into place when cupping. No matter how far or how stuck your golf ball may be, the IGOTCHA will guarantee you retrieve it every time.

With a sturdy shaft crafted from stainless steel, you will not need to worry about the device bending or snapping.

Product Specifications

Weight0.16 kg, 0.35 lbs
Size15.5 in. retracted, 10 ft. extended
Dimensions27 x 3 x 3 in.
MaterialStainless Steel
Warranty1 Year

Best Budget – MAZEL Telescopic

MAZEL Telescopic golf ball retrievers

If you don’t want to make a substantial investment and want to get collecting golf balls as soon as possible, the MAZEL Telescopic is the best cheap option.

There are four different combinations you can purchase: a single retriever with two grabbers or two separate retrievers with different head designs and colors.

This product features two types of heads, including the traditional scoop in addition to the spring release. In terms of length, it’s not as long as other competing brands but still extends to 6.6 feet. Furthermore, it retracts to 15.7 inches.

Finally, the MAZEL also provides putter grabbers to specifically retrieve balls you have made into deep holes that are a chore to pick up by hand.

Product Specifications

Weight0.27 kg, 0.35 lbs
Size15.7 in. retracted, 6.6 ft. extended
Dimensions16.5 x 2.6 x 1.9 in.
MaterialStainless Steel Shaft, Plastic Head
Warranty60 Days

Best for Putters – SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever

sisteraling 3-prong golf ball retrievers

The SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever is durable and strong, made from quality bottom screws and plastic.

In comparison to competing devices with similar features, the three prongs on the SisterAling are far thicker, creating a more reliable grip.

With its ergonomic design, you can eliminate the stress on your back picking up golf balls without bending. It is fixable on the putter grip and can be taken away when you do not need it.

Product Specifications

Weight0.06 kg, 0.13 lbs
Size15.7 in. retracted, 6.6 ft. extended
Dimensions4.02 x 2.09 x 2.05 in.
MaterialPlastic, Alloy

Best for Water – Search ‘N Rescue

search 'n rescue golf ball retrievers

With no spring and no locking mechanism, the Search ‘N Rescue works with a simple design. Using only light pressure, you can easily grip a lost ball on both sides of the head.

We recommend this device as the best to use in shallow or deep water, as it is crafted of anodized aluminum. There is no cause for concern concerning corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

The orange head makes it quite visible in darker places, and it retains its color over the long term. Lastly, the device extends up to 10 feet.

Product Specifications

BrandSearch ‘N Rescue
Weight0.23 kg, 0.51 lbs
Size42-44 in. retracted, 10 ft. extended
Dimensions10 x 1 x 1.5 in.
MaterialAnodized Aluminum
Warranty1 Year

Best for Length – Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher

search 'n rescue golf ball stretcher

Rather than relying on a metal shaft, this ball retriever uses a 35-foot-long nylon cord. In addition, it replaces the head with a basket containing up to 8 balls simultaneously.

It requires you to wrap one end of the cord around your wrist and plunge the basket into the water.

Next, you simply drag it back after the balls are collected. The orange color makes the basket highly visible in mud, bushes, and water.

Product Specifications

BrandSearch ‘N Rescue Stretcher
Weight0.45 kg, 1 lbs
Size18 in. retracted, 35 ft. extended
Dimensions18 x 4 x 5 in.
MaterialNylon shaft, Stainless Steel head
Warranty1 Year

Best for Mud – Prowithlin

prowithlin golf ball retrievers

Purchasing the Prowithlin provides a solid scoop that works best in thick places like mud. Furthermore, it offers a maximum extendable length of up to 9 feet.

It’s incredibly lightweight and is barely noticeable when stored in a golf bag. The automatic lock will easily secure the ball no matter where it’s trapped.

Every purchase includes two solid putter grabbers, as well as two different options for length. Note that the black color head will have an adverse effect on visibility.

Product Specifications

Weight0.39 kg, 0.86 lbs
Size15.7 in. retracted, 12 ft. extended
Dimensions42.75 x 2 x 2 in.
MaterialStainless Steel shaft, ABS Plastic head
Warranty30 Day

Best Compact – IGOTCHA Jawz

igotcha jawz compact golf ball retrievers

This device offers the ultimate compact design, as it reaches a maximum length of 14 feet but successfully collapses all the way down to 15.5 inches. It will save the most amount of space in your golf bag possible.

The head is constructed with a rubber mold surface that grabs balls much tighter than competing brands without struggle.

Product Specifications

Weight0.19 kg, 0.42 lbs
Size15.5 in. retracted, 14 ft. extended
Dimensions48 x 5 x 5 in.
Warranty1 Year

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