How to Install a Shower Shelf

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A shower shelf is a fantastic and necessary companion for every home bathroom. Still, without proper installation, your shelf is liable to fall to the floor and drop your essentials while you’re in the middle of washing your body.

Here is how to not only search for the right shelf but ensure it stays secure and lasts you a lifetime.

What are the different types of shower shelves?

Shower shelves are typically set up in the front corner, across from the door, and to the side of the nozzle head.

However, you can install a shower shelf built into the wall to hold your shampoo, body wash, and conditioning essentials in a more elegant, classy way.

Caddies can be hung from the wall or the shower head as a third option. This is the lowest cost and easiest option of the three.

Corner Shower Shelves

Corner shower shelves are the least intrusive type installed in your bathroom, requiring minimal effort to set up.

Unfortunately, though, without proper adhesive, corner shower shelves face the greatest risk of falling off prematurely after getting loose.

When homeowners remodel their shower, they often try to circumvent the faulty adhesion from corner shelves by installing bulkier and more clunky setups. This helps but takes away from the serene atmosphere they want to create.

Because a corner shower shelf is essentially an elevated flat platform, it can easily build up scum from soap if not maintained every time you wash your body.

Stainless Steel Corner Shower Shelves

lavatory stainless steel shower shelf

The best type of corner shower shelves is made of stainless steel.

They typically match the theme of any shower head you have installed and solve all issues related to adhesion and maintenance.

Lastly, they have a minimal style that allows them to seamlessly blend with the rest of the interior.

Glass Corner Shower Shelves

geekdigg glass shower shelves

Another popular minimalist, modern look for a corner shower shelf includes those made of glass. They look beautiful against most tile walls and have a thicker base for added weight support.

Glass corner shower shelves can be mounted directly in the grout or via hangers that are mounted in the grout. Stains are quite visible and easy to clean when necessary.

Tile Corner Shower Shelves

tile corner shower shelf

One of the most popular shower storage ideas for DIY is those made of tile. You can perform the installation and take the extra time to find a color that perfectly matches your existing ones.

Tiles are also incredibly inexpensive, simple to build, and, with the help of foam, will retain the smallest possible amount of moisture.

Ceramic Corner Shower Shelves

ceramic corner shower shelf

Ceramic shelves are glazed with a kiln after being made from either cured porcelain or traditional ceramic. They are waterproof and highly durable.

Due to their old-fashioned method of construction, the shelves have a traditional appearance.

To install ceramic shower shelves, you need to cut multiple notches into the tiles to make room for larger tabs. This makes them capable of holding a good deal of weight at a low price.

Stone Corner Shower Shelves

marble corner shower shelf

Marble stone is gorgeous for any part of the home interior, including shower shelves. Always try to match the theme of your existing tileset, however.

Surprisingly, it’s inexpensive and has more structural integrity than just plain tile, with a far more attractive and professional appearance.

They are quite thick and can support a good deal of weight. Unfortunately, they are extremely fragile and prone to fractures during installation.

Suction Cup Corner Shower Shelves

suction cup corner shower shelves

Suction is a highly popular method for shower storage shelves as they are one of the easiest to install and cost practically nothing.

They aren’t ideal because their suction does not last most often, and they aren’t nearly as reliable as other options.

Shower Caddy Shelves

A shower caddy is any kind of container that holds the necessary toiletries needed for a bath or shower. Often, you’ll find that shower caddies contain slots specifically made for shampoo, scrubbers, washcloths, soap bars, and more.

Caddy shower shelves can be screw mounted or hung directly from the nozzle of the shower head. Regardless, you need to find one large enough to hold your essentials.

When traveling a lot or in situations in which you need to use public showers, it helps to carry around a portable caddy. They are the least troublesome to deal with and cost less than any other alternative.

For a more permanent setup with style to boot, consider mounting your caddy with screws.

Basket Shower Caddy Shelves

basket shower caddy shelf

The basket shower shelf is the most common caddy installed in bathrooms. It’s either hung, screwed or built-in with suction cups.

Ideally, you want to place a basket caddy shower shelf on a flat, hard, clean surface within reach but nested somewhere you won’t bump into it.

A single caddy is capable of holding at least three to five items. They’re made with a variety of materials, but the majority are composed of either stainless steel or chrome plating to prevent rust.

If the caddy is attached with proper adhesion or is compact in width, it should remain consistently balanced even with sufficient load.

Pole Shower Caddy Shelves

pole shower caddy shelf

If you want to make use of an open corner in your shower, a pole caddy can remain out of the way and have a lower chance of falling like a hanging basket.

In this scenario, a metal tension rod is held between the rim of the rub and the ceiling. You will need a flat floor to install.

The best shower shelves

Best Basket Caddy – KINCMAX Shower Caddy Basket Shelf

kincmax basket shower caddy shelf

With the best quality stainless steel material and impeccable design, the basket shower shelf offered by KINCMAX is second to none.

It has a generous capacity suitable for holding toiletry bottles, both big and small. You can mount the caddy directly to the wall using the traceless adhesive it comes with. Hooks are included to hang towels, brushes, and other essentials like razors.

Even after years of exposure to either public or well water, the KINCMAX basket shower caddy manages to resist bacteria and scratches for a flawless look.

Best Corner Shower Caddy Shelf – Orimade Corner Shower Caddy Shelf

orimade corner shower shelf

This fully aluminum corner shower caddy is rustproof and durable. It is equipped with hooks and can hold and organize your items on two levels with ease. There is no drilling necessary as it comes with sufficient adhesives.

For rapid drying and slip-resistance, this shower caddy includes drain holes and a reliable border frame.

Best Hanging Caddy – SHAPON Shower Caddy Head Organizer

shapon shower caddy shelf

Simply combine the shelf with the rubber, then hang it right over your shower head and enjoy spacious storage.

This incredible stainless steel shower caddy by SHAPON offers two levels that can be used to place your items, including a special nook for bar soap and hooks to hold towels and scrunchies.

A hollow design ensures the water dries off and the caddy remains clean. It can be hung virtually anywhere if you use screws.

Best Platform Corner Shelf – Vdomus Acrylic Shower Shelf

vdomus shower caddy shelf

The two-pack 10×10 shower shelves by Vdomus are composed of transparent acrylic. They ensure a large capacity to hold toiletries and come with custom adhesives suitable for smooth surfaces like glass, tile, porcelain, and marble.

A seamless design allows these beautiful platforms to blend in with any bathroom theme to neatly organize your shower essentials within arm’s reach.

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